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Become an online maths tutor at Mathema.
Earn up to UAH 18,000 per month by working 4 hours a day.


A consistent workload at any time of the year.

Flexibility to fit your schedule - choose your hours.

Experience teaching maths to students from all over Europe.

A dedicated team to help support your growth as a teacher.

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Калькулятор доходу

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ви можете отримувати, співпрацюючи з МАТЕМА

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Earn more than at a traditional school with a guaranteed income No distractions with scheduling and organisation Teach maths on your own schedule No need to search for students Work alongside our team

Поширенi проблеми iнших закладiв:

Regular schools
  • Fixed schedule
  • Fixed low salary
  • Tied to one location
  • Excessive bureaucracy
Marketplaces (Ekorki, OLX)
  • Indendent search for students
  • Finding students takes time and work
  • Organisational issues
  • Lack of support dealing with parent concerns
Online schools
  • Strict control over lessons
  • Excessive workload

Про школу

Mathema is a platform for students to find maths teachers online. We work with students ages 1-11, to help them catch up on school work, fill any knowledge gaps, or ace a big test.

We hold 4000 lessons every month. Our team includes 130+ teachers tutoring more than 1000 students across Europe. We truly value and care for our teachers, and believe that once you join our community, you’ll not look elsewhere for tutoring opportunities.

Учні та їх батьки
вдячні Матемі за якісну роботу

Вова Єгоров

Учитель- Ольга Іванівна Українець

Ярова Яна

9 класс

Анна Золочевська

вiдгук дитини

Владислав Господарисько

Учитель - Ольга Іванівна Українець


10 клас

Добровольский Ілля

7 класс

Анна Золочевська


Оксана Котолуп

Відгук мами учениці Котолуп Анастасії

Відгук учениці Олени Чернозуб

Вчитель: Алла Басиста

Відгук мами нашої учениці Наталії Голубенко

Вчитель - Варвара Голубченко

8 з 10 вчителів обирають Матема

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Поширені запитання

How soon can I become an online maths tutor?

You can start 4 days after first applying. Initially, we will invite you to an interview. Next you will undergo internal training. Finally, we will organise your first lessons.

How fast do you assign students?

On average, our teachers are at full capacity within 14 days after getting started.

What is the minimum number of teaching hours per week?

The minimum required workload is 15 hours per week

How are teachers employed?

Our teachers work as freelancers, receiving remuneration for lessons.

How often are payments made?

Payments are made every two weeks to a bank card.