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Earn 25% more than in school by working individually with students from grades 1-11, online and on your own flexible schedule. Currently, Mathema has about 500 tutors working. They consistently earn over 15,000 UAH per month without hassle, working just a few hours a day.

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What’s in it for you?


We will find students

Don't worry about having students. At Mathema, a teacher gets up to 5 new students every day, even during the summer.


We'll fill your schedule

You can specify the time available for lessons on your own. Within a month, we will fill at least 60% of your time.


We provide access to our platform

You will have a personal account where you can edit your schedule, see the list of students, and educational goals.


We assist in case of problems

The teacher support service responds to inquiries within 5 minutes.

How much could you earn?

Check our income calculator to see how much monthly income you can receive working with Mathema.

How many hours a week do you want to teach?


will be your monthly income.

Become a tutor

What sets Mathema apart
in the maths-teaching world?

Provide at least 12 hours per week
Pedagogical experience
Adherence to the schedule and cooperation conditions
Ability to conduct lessons online
Thorough understanding and knowledge of educational programs
Ability to establish productive collaboration with different children

Are you a student and want to start a career as a tutor?

Visit the page and submit your application!

Tutoring job for students

About Mathema

Mathema is an international platform for learning mathematics. We work with students from grades 1-11, helping them catch up with the school curriculum and prepare for tests, exams, and national assessments.

We conduct 20,000 lessons every month. Our team consists of over 500 teachers, educating more than 3600 students. Due to the comfortable working conditions, teachers choose Mathema for the long term. Every 5th tutor on the platform has conducted over 1000 lessons.



How soon can I become an online maths tutor?

You can start 4 days after first applying. Initially, we will invite you to an interview. Next you will undergo internal training. Finally, we will organise your first lessons.

How fast do you assign students?

On average, our teachers are at full capacity within 14 days after getting started.

What is the minimum number of teaching hours per week?

The minimum required workload is 15 hours per week

How are teachers employed?

Our teachers work as freelancers, receiving remuneration for lessons.

How often are payments made?

Payments are made every two weeks to a bank card.

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