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Mathema in media

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The Mathema method

MATHEMA is an effective and affordable online maths school for children. Our goal is to help children learn smarter, not harder, with 1:1 online maths lessons. Your child deserves to be feeling confident in their mathematics. We have over 200 qualified teachers who can make that happen. Whether your child wants help with their homework, needs to prepare for tests or exams, or is struggling to cover knowledge gaps in the school curriculum, our teachers are here to help.
Advanced maths lessons are available upon request.


Choose ideal lesson times

You can choose your child’s ideal lesson times: any time, any day of the week.


Learn the modern way

All you need is a computer and internet connection. Our virtual blackboard and interactive resources keep lessons fun and engaging.


Pick your price

Teachers available for all budgets. Lesson prices start from just £40 per hour.


Get learning progress reports

Keep tabs on your child's learning journey, with progress reports and direct access to their teacher.


Help your child excel in school

Your child will get support with homework, as well as any challenges they have with their school curriculum.


Trust our experienced teachers

Each teacher at our online school is a qualified professional, personally vetted by us. We know which teachers will make your child shine!

Why choose us?

Custom approach

Personalized teacher selection based on your child's current level and goals.

Fully flexibile

Flexible scheduling for busy families. Reschedule for free with 12 hours notice.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Not satisfied with the results? We offer free teacher replacements.

Personal customer service

Worry-free math lessons. Our team is here to handle whatever issue may arise.

Progress tests available

Customized plans and evaluations to showcase your child's hard work.

Subscription plans for every budget

Choose one of the subscription models that suits you and your child. The more maths lessons you buy, the more you will save.

10 lessons

Ideal for kids who need to quickly prepare for a test.


Choose plan

20 lessons

Ideal for kids who find topics on the school curriculum tricky.


Choose plan
Best plan

30 lessons

Ideal for kids who need to boost their grades and prepare for exams.


Choose plan

60 lessons

Ideal for little mathletes who will soon have their pick of any university.


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