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Affordable online maths lessons for kids

Starting at just £20 per hour, our lesson prices vary based on your subscription plan.

10 lessons

Ideal for kids who need to quickly prepare for a test.


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20 lessons

Ideal for kids who find topics on the school curriculum tricky.


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30 lessons

Ideal for kids who need to boost their grades and prepare for exams.


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60 lessons

Ideal for little mathletes who will soon have their pick of any university.


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Start with MATHEMA, step-by-step


Initial Assessment

During the first call, we will identify the student’s needs and select the perfect teacher for them based on


Diagnostic Lesson

The first diagnostic lesson is necessary for the teacher to assess the student’s level of knowledge. For the student and parents, it is an opportunity to meet the teacher and receive an objective assessment of their knowledge. After the lesson, the parents receive a report on the student’s level and a proposal for further education.


Setting Goals

The parents and the student set educational goals, and the teacher creates an individual learning plan that will lead to the desired outcome.


Start of Studies

The school provides all necessary initial materials. You gain access to an electronic diary, and a personal manager helps to track progress, schedule, or reschedule lessons, among other things.

All Included in the Price

The cost of a lesson may vary depending on the subscription size and the teacher’s level. However, each subscription provides you with the maximum set of educational services.

Tutoring types

  • Elementary school tutoring
  • Secondary school tutoring
  • Long-term learning support
  • Preparation for tests
  • Homework support
  • Preparation for admission to another school

Lesson management

  • 100% flexible scheduling
  • Easy schedule planning
  • 1:1 learning with homework
  • Direct teacher communication
  • Free teacher replacement
  • Pay with card, bank account, or Paypal
  • Personal support manager via WhatsApp

Online learning materials

  • Lessons via computer, tablet, or mobile
  • Virtual whiteboard and online tools
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing and receiving
  • Electronic report card
  • Regular progress reports

Additional features

  • Discounts and bonuses for a second child and friends
  • Study resources

Teacher Selection Expert

Experience a test lesson


Teacher Selection Expert

No commitment required, and you’ll receive a personalised analysis of your child’s maths skills. It’s a great way to see how we can take your child’s maths skills to the next level.

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