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What is a test lesson?

Mathema’s online test lessons are the perfect way to review your child’s math skills and find the perfect teacher match.

Test lessons are 45 minutes long. The results of the lesson will give you an insight into your child’s real maths abilities, and spot gaps for improvement.


19 GBPcost of a trial lesson

What will be covered in the test lesson

  • We tailor our test lesson to fit your child’s maths needs. We’ll work with you to identify maths topics where they need extra support.
  • Not sure what maths topics your child needs help with? Don’t worry. Their teacher will test their current abilities overall.

What are the objectives of the test lesson

  • You and your child will be introduced to their new teacher and their teaching methods.
  • The teacher will share their plan of how further lessons will be structured.

Get an honest assessment of your child’s
maths knowledge with our test lesson

Receive a comprehensive review of your child's maths knowledge to see if distance learning may have affected their understanding.

Learn specific topics that your child will need to master to move forward with the school curriculum.

Develop an individualised study plan to address any knowledge gaps before the start of the next school year.

Show your child that studying maths can be fun, engaging, and stress-free.

After the lesson, you will receive a detailed report
from the teacher via Email, including:

  • An assessment of your child’s maths strengths

  • Knowledge gaps that need attention

  • Their teacher’s expert guidance on your child’s education


Say goodbye to your child’s maths-phobia
with the personal attention of our teachers

Let’s identify where your child needs maths support,
and set up a plan to build their confidence.

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